Children’s Entertainment

Kids activities by The Discovery

All Day demonstrations and self exploration hosted by The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum.

Join us at ‘The Discovery’ at Earth Day for crafts and fun for the younger Earth-lovers. Kids will have a chance to make and take home some upcycled crafts, including upcycled reusable grocery bags, upcycled planters, and more. In addition to the crafts, kids can learn about how to be mindful of our planet while camping, hiking, biking, and skiing with Leave No Trace tips.  Kids will also have the chance to use an interactive global footprint calculator to learn how great they are at preserving the Earth’s resources! Partnering all of these great activities is The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. The museum will be demoing hands-on science experiments throughout the day. The Discovery is appropriate for kids of all ages and is guaranteed to take on the spirit of Earth Day!