Other Entertainment

Wild & Scenic Film Festival presented by Mountain Area Preservation


Reno World Dancers

2:00 to 2:15pm | On the Main Stage in Events Plaza

Reno World Dancers is a dance troupe and cultural organization that uses world fusion dance + music for educational and charitable purposes. They provide dance instruction and performances to inspire, educate, heal, enrich, and entertain the community of Reno/Tahoe and beyond. Find out more.

Trashion Show

2:15 to 3:00pm | On the Main Stage in Events Plaza

“Trashion”, by the Truckee High School Envirolution Club, produced by Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (SWEP). One of the highlights of the event each year is the Truckee High School Envirolution® Club’s performance of their hit “Trashion” show. In 2010 the high school students modeled over 35 outfits made out of various materials –some of which included: Netflix wrappers, Christmas lights, magazines, potato chip bags, gum wrappers, bubble wrap, Clif Bar wrappers, etc. As they were modeled, each outfit was described: types of materials, how they can be reduced, recycled, or eliminated, and the environmental impacts they cause. Don’t overlook the Trashion show – it’s truly an event not to be missed.

American Geophysical Union Climate Panel presented by Protect Our Winters